Climate Change

Africa’s Facing the World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis And You Probably Didn’t Know

humanitarian crisis, hunger

Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and northeast Nigeria are currently facing what United Nations calls the ‘World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis’ since its formation in 1945. With more than 20 million people on the brink of starvation, out of which 1.4 million are children, Africa is battling with one of the most …

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The Women’s March: What were you marching for?

Women's March

A couple weeks ago over 3 million people worldwide marched for justice, the rights of the marginalized, a better future and for what makes America beautiful in the Women’s March. Three AMPster’s share their own experiences. Nicki participated in the “Disability March,” an amazing and inclusive alternative for people who were not able …

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Why “I refuse to let my privilege get in the way of fighting any longer”

To whom it may concern, My name is Lalitha Pamidigantam, and I live in Dublin, Ohio. All my life, climate change was a highly conceptual lesson. I have learned about it every year in my science classes. At one point, I even elected to take AP Environmental Science; one could …

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A Root Called Climate Change

Almost everyone can agree that at one time or another, they heard the age-old mantra, “you never know what you have until it’s gone.” The same can be said today for Californians such as myself. And yet, many of those within and outside of my community fail to come to …

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We can still halt, perhaps even change, the effects of climate change

A reflection on climate change written by one of the 2015 Global Scholars. As a resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I am no stranger to single digit temperatures and mounds of snow.  For some, an inch of snow can cause a statewide shutdown of schools.  However, in Mt. Lebanon, a suburb …

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“I couldn’t believe the environmental damage people had willingly committed. “

My name is Swati. Currently a freshman at the American University in Washington DC, I originally hail from the “Charm City,” also known as Baltimore, Maryland. With its Berger cookies, “hon” culture, and world-renowned crabs, I consider Baltimore to be my home and a part of my identity. An essential …

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“We should try to stop this climate change before we get all get burned – literally.”

A letter written by Nami, a 2015 Global Scholar living in Texas. I’m writing to express my concern about my state’s lack of attention to global warming, which is affecting our lives. Living in one of the hottest states “Texas”, it is hardly noticeable for Texans to realize the effects …

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