The Power of Youth: Why We Care About Global Issues and Why You Should, Too

Check out this infographic from our very own volunteers Hope Georgantis, Charlotte Rheingold, and Quinn Williams!  This graphic is part of AMP’s “Story of Us” storytelling series focusing on the importance of youth in our globalized world.  

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Tips for Leading Meetings

By Ana Frigo. Whether you view this as a plus or a minus, you will eventually have to learn how to lead an effective meeting. Below are some tips to help you succeed! Message vs. Meet: This one may not always occur to people, but it’s something to think about. …

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AMP Mentoring Program

Planning a career in international affairs? Eager for advice on how to get started? Look no further! Join AIDemocracy for the AMP Mentoring Program in 2015! Through monthly small-group chats, participants will gain advice, tips and insider information on everything from choosing the right major to scoring that first job. …

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Global Citizenship Blogging Challenge

What does global citizenship mean and why should we be talking about it at AIDemocracy? This summer, two of our wonderful bloggers, Sharon Mutwiwa and Marilyn Atwood, sought to engage global citizenship into the AIDemocracy discussion and challenged the AIDemocracy community to think about the idea of “global citizenship” actually …

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Build your skills (online) this fall with the AMP Experience!

Calling all young global leaders! Join us this fall!  The AMP Experience is an online social change training for youth who are eager to expand their skills as young global leaders and changemakers. Today’s young global leaders must be confident in their ability to envision change, and have the ability …

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Young Leaders Creating Big Change

There is plenty going on in today’s world and things are changing quickly everyday. From poverty to climate change, we all have a cause. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s change makers, but we say, “why wait?” Youth are doing so many amazing things to build a better world! Whether engaged in …

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