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To Be or Not to Be Muslim?- Our Muslim Experience in America


“We have to go to church on Friday evening, but we’ll see you on Saturday!” With a quick goodbye to our friends, we followed our mom out of the building. It was a warm autumn afternoon in Birmingham; the trees were a riot of color, the sky was a crisp …

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My Muslim Experience in America – Amani from Egypt


It was my first time to travel abroad and I worked so hard to make it happen, for it is not easy for an Upper-Egyptian conservative family to let their only daughter travel very far away from home on her own. After being accepted by Fulbright to take part in …

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Want to Fight for Immigrants? Here’s Why and How


Garcia, a mother in Phoenix, is on her way to work at the amusement park, distracted with worry about her son’s cold. She punches in, walks toward her station, waving at her friend, but someone grabs her arm. She turns to see a pair of Border Patrol agents and her …

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Interfaith Cooperation 101- A unifying force in a dis-unified time

With all that we have been seeing in the news about how divided we are as a country, there is good reason for us to be concerned with the current state of affairs. From reports of political polarization, racial violence, and religious discrimination, we live in some truly trying times. …

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Embracing our Reality…14 Years Later

By Tahil Sharma, Coordinator of AMP’s Hope not Hate Program. Every year, the early weeks of September show a change in the color of the leaves and the hopes of better weather. I look up into the sky as shades of red and brown become prominent and the cool evening …

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Sometimes it All Comes Down to Opportunity

By: Maddie Reeves, Hope Not Hate Cultural Innovator As a high school student I am proof of the old saying, “knowledge is power.” Everyday students around the world learn new things, and with this education, they grow as people and change. But education isn’t always clear cut, and oftentimes students …

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“Hold Your Reaction”

By Carla Issa, Hope not Hate fellow “I smelled smoke and saw everyone running.” Just two days after Monday’s bombings these were the comments of a three-year-old girl who stood steps away from the finish line minutes before the bombs went off.  This little girl and her family will remember …

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