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My Muslim Experience in America – Amani from Egypt


It was my first time to travel abroad and I worked so hard to make it happen, for it is not easy for an Upper-Egyptian conservative family to let their only daughter travel very far away from home on her own. After being accepted by Fulbright to take part in …

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Want to Fight for Immigrants? Here’s Why and How


Garcia, a mother in Phoenix, is on her way to work at the amusement park, distracted with worry about her son’s cold. She punches in, walks toward her station, waving at her friend, but someone grabs her arm. She turns to see a pair of Border Patrol agents and her …

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A Reflection on Our Interfaith Webinar

By Nicki Totiyapungprasert Prior to moderating the Interfaith Webinar, I was admittedly a bit nervous. I had never moderated a webinar before and wanted to make sure the first one would go smoothly. AMP Global Youth was utilizing Zoom, a video conference app, and something I wasn’t initially familiar with. …

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When Will Congress Realize Our Border Crisis Is A Refugee Crisis?

By Alex Beck.   We’ve all heard by now of the surge of Central American and Mexican children moving across the US-Mexico Border and the subsequent political debate. But with the issue’s seemingly abrupt emergence into the national spotlight, it is important to see that there is much broader context …

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Why Does This Nation of Immigrants Always Imprison ‘The Other’?

This post was originally published at TheNation.com By Erin Corbett. Over a decade has passed since the United States began its “Global War on Terror,” a campaign of dragnet surveillance, mass incarceration, drone attacks on individuals overseas and numerous other actions, many illegal according to domestic and international law. These …

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From the Mayflower to the Marriott: How the Eb-5 Program Is Changing the Face of U.S. Immigration

By Addis Aklilu The issue of illegal immigration has long been a hot topic in United States politics, and will no doubt continue to spark congressional debate in sessions to come. Both the right and the left have been urging for reform, though perhaps with differing objectives, and a push …

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The Immigration Issue

By Qinglian Gao In a speech on Jan. 29, President Obama said that “now is the time”[1] for immigration policy change. The proposal of which he spoke would place millions of illegal immigrants on a clear path to citizenship. Illegal immigration in America has been a serious problem not only …

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