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Facilitating a Meeting? 2 Quick Tips


Whether or not you’re in a formal leadership role, you’ll almost certainly end up facilitating a meeting at some point. And it’s a great skill to have, if only so you can help ensure the meetings you’re part of are efficient and productive (who doesn’t want that?!). Here are some …

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How Youth Can Be Change Makers


Young people are not only the leaders of tomorrow, they are also the change makers of today. They are contributing to changing the world around them in every way possible, because to be a change maker you don’t have to wait to be an adult. You can start right now and …

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A Reflection on Our Interfaith Webinar

By Nicki Totiyapungprasert Prior to moderating the Interfaith Webinar, I was admittedly a bit nervous. I had never moderated a webinar before and wanted to make sure the first one would go smoothly. AMP Global Youth was utilizing Zoom, a video conference app, and something I wasn’t initially familiar with. …

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