Campus Organizing: Dealing with tension within / between organizations

Navigating your organization in a hostile environment can be tough when you don’t have confidence in your cause.  Well there, global youth its time to look at your organization in the mirror and love it! There is a reason you are reading this article and it is because you care …

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Campus Organizing: herding cats? Doesn’t have to feel like it!

Congratulations on the formation of your group or the approaching future of doing so! Managing your group can seem scary and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember: you are only human! Be patient with yourself, act with integrity, and learn as you go. I’m going to explore tips …

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Apathy < Empowerment

By Danielle Orellana. It is important to come to grips with the fact that what is preventing youth from creating positive changes in their world is more than them being lazy or even entitled. What prevents us is an enemy that works against us whether we do something in our …

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Why Are Global Issues Important? Reflections from youth in our community

Why are global issues so important? Here’s what a few of us came up with during a call tonight: It is important to build relationships with students from all the world to have meaningful conversations. It is important to build awareness about different cultures and helps to decrease the amount …

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Social Change? Now’s a Great Time to Start

by Danielle Orellana. “Endurance and perseverance will be rewarded,” stated a fortune cookie I received around 17 years old at my local Chinese restaurant. “Could it really be destined just to me?” I thought at the time. Well certainly, but not just to me but also to all of you. …

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