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Six Tips for Informational Interviews

By Ana Frigo. Informational interviews are not always on the top of everyone’s to-do list, however they can be extremely valuable when exploring different career options. Before I introduce my tips, it’s important to quickly define what an informational interview is. This is not a job interview, but rather an …

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Public Speaking? You got this. 5 Tips for Success.

By Ana Frigo. Public speaking seems to be many people’s biggest fear.  However, it is important to overcome this fear and master the art of communicating in front of an audience – large or small.  There are many reasons why public speaking is challenging for a majority of people, but …

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5 Tips for Emailing Professional Contacts

By Ana Frigo. Knowing how to connect with professionals in various fields is a skill that is vital in today’s world. Whether you are e-mailing a professor, colleague, or CEO, it has become increasingly important to present yourself in an organized and professional manner. How and what you e-mail to …

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Four Steps to Recruiting Great Volunteers

By Sakiera M. Volunteers are crucial actors of change for any non-profit. They provide significant support, spread an organizations mission, and are often willing to wear many hats if they know it will help and advance an organizations’ mission. Below are 4 Steps that I believe will help any organization …

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How Can Social Media be Used as a Mobilization Tool?

  By Alex Tuai. In the age of the Internet, social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Youtube are playing more and more significant roles in connecting people both domestically and internationally. Social media platforms have become one of the main methods of rallying people around a cause. Despite …

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