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News 2002

Below is a collection of news articles from 2002 by and about AIDemocracy.org and its network, some of which first appeared elsewhere. They are reposted here when working links were otherwise not available.

U.S. has more allies, fewer friends

by Seth Green The Tallahasee Democrat 12/29/2002 When the Pew Research Center released a survey earlier this month indicating a marked increase in anti-Americanism abroad, many Americans were understandably surprised. From America’s shores, the world finally appeared to be warming to our foreign policy. The U.N. Security Council had authorized …

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Oxford Journal; Antidote to Eurocritics In Red, White and Blue

by Warren Hoge New York Times 06/05/2002 OXFORD, England — Jason H. Wasfy, 23 and a 2001 graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Seth Green, also 23 and a 2001 graduate of Princeton, are both Marshall Scholars at Oxford. They arrived in Britain in the immediate aftermath of …

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The bully on the playground? A perspective from abroad

by Elisa Minoff The Daily Princetonian 11/13/2002 Seth and Dave are at it again. After a year away from Princeton, Dave Tannenbaum ’00 and Seth Green ’01 are still campus activists, but instead of fight for workers’ rights on a campus in central Jersey, they’re fighting for multilateralism in U.S. …

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US needs young allies abroad

by Seth Green The Christian Science Monitor 11/13/2002 OXFORD, ENGLAND – ‘Bush, Cheney, and capitalism are the real axis of evil.” “America may not have the resolve to rebuild Iraq.” As an American studying in Britain, I’m bombarded daily by criticism of US foreign policy. Some criticisms are the misguided …

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An American in Europe

by Jason H. Wasfy The Harvard Crimson 10/28/2002 OXFORD, England—“Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you, but are you an American?” a young woman right behind me in line asked in a McDonald’s here in Oxford a few months ago, detecting my unmistakable American accent as I was ordering a …

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Bush is forcing Europeans to put American policy first

by Tressa Steffen Gipe Oregon Daily Emerald 06/11/2002 Last month, the Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Jimmy Carter for his global advocacy of freedom and democratic governance. While honoring Carter, the committee chairman told reporters that it “must also be seen as criticism of the line the …

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