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News 2003

Below is a collection of news articles from 2003 by and about AIDemocracy.org and its network, some of which first appeared elsewhere. They are reposted here when working links were otherwise not available.

Ambassador Questions War

by Claritza Jiménez The GW Hatchet (George Washington University) Former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson criticized President Bush for allegedly manipulating intelligence about Iraq’s nuclear weapons program to justify the U.S. invasion in a speech at GW Monday night. Wilson has been caught in a frenzy of controversy that began in …

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Experts discuss efficacy, history of preemption

by Jocelyn Courtney Yale Daily News 11/20/2003 A panel of foreign affairs experts discussing “Pre-Emption/Intervention: The Role of Military Force in U.S. Security” drew approximately 160 Yale students, staff, and surrounding community members to the Luce Hall auditorium Wednesday. The Global Issues Symposium was sponsored by Programs in International Education …

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OrangeBand working to discuss persity

by Amanda Jones The Breeze (James Madison University) 11/03/2003 The OrangeBand Initiative will be recruiting new members and organizations to join its movement in the next two weeks. OrangeBand is a nonpartisan group that seeks to bring awareness to various issues so that students can develop informed opinions and become …

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America, as seen from afar

by Seth Green Princeton Alumni Weekly 11/03/2003 I was reminiscing with an old roommate in Scully Hall when two jetliners hit the World Trade Center. I had come to Princeton that morning in the hope of gaining comfort before embarking on a two-year postgraduate trip to England. I left Princeton …

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“Hope not Hate” Admonishes Panel on US-Muslim Relations

by Kanishka Shrivastava The Stanford Review 10/30/2003 “The basis on which our founding fathers established this country has been lost since 9/11. Since that date, the people of America have gone mad. We have all lost our minds.” These strong views and language were mixed with some more moderate appeals …

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Panel discusses future of U.S.-Muslim relations

by Shamala Gallagher The Stanford Daily 10/21/2003 Last night, a town hall gathering called “Hope Not Hate” brought together four speakers to discuss various aspects of the relationship between the United States and the Muslim world. The panelists encouraged discourse between Muslims and Americans to increase understanding, especially in light …

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Town Hall: Islam and the West

by Maryam Syed Sarrafe and Ryan Holeywell The Globe (George Washington University) 10/01/2003 On Friday, September 12, a Town Hall meeting was held at the Elliott School under the auspices of Americans for Informed Democracy, a non-partisan organization that aims to promote more multi-lateralism in world affairs. With the date …

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