News 2003

Below is a collection of news articles from 2003 by and about AIDemocracy.org and its network, some of which first appeared elsewhere. They are reposted here when working links were otherwise not available.

‘The People Speak: America Debates Role in the World’; Debates and Panel Discussions Held In Communities Throughout the Country in Oct.

‘The People Speak: America Debates Role in the World’; Debates and Panel Discussions Held In Communities Throughout the Country in Oct. U.S. Newswire 9/30/2003 WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 /U.S. Newswire/ — Sixteen organizations, representing ideologies across the political spectrum, today announced The People Speak: America Debates Its Role in the World-more …

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Reno criticizes White House over Muslim policies

by Jasmine Kripalani The Miami Herald 09/14/2003 Former Attorney General Janet Reno criticized the White House on Saturday, describing the Bush administration as filled with “secrecy and silence.” At a panel discussion on U.S.-Islamic relations at Nova Southeastern University, Reno said Americans should know the identities of the thousands of …

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Reaffirm commitment to tolerance, respect

by Seth Green The Miami Herald 09/13/2003 This weekend, people will assemble at more than a dozen universities across the country, including in South Florida, to discuss the growing rift between the United States and the Islamic world. These town-hall meetings, call Hope, not Hate, offer a glimmer of hope …

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Town Hall-style dialogue aims to reduce U.S.-Muslim tensions

09/12/2003 Yale Bulletin & Calendar The relations between the United States and the Islamic world will be the focus of a New Haven Town Hall being presented by the Yale branch of Americans for Informed Democracy and the Yale Muslim Students Association on Friday, Sept. 12, in Dwight Hall, 67 …

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Town halls aim to heal divide between America and Muslim world

by Jennifer C. Kerr Associated Press 09/11/2003 WASHINGTON – A deep rift remains between America and the Islamic world two years after the terror attacks, say organizers of more than a dozen meetings meant to promote trust and understanding. The gatherings – dubbed “Hope not Hate” town halls – are …

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America’s world

by Howard LaFranchi The Christian Science Monitor 09/10/03 WASHINGTON – In the land of Doonesbury, George W. Bush has changed hats. Once a voice from under a Stetson, the American president in the Garry Trudeau comic strip now speaks from under a Roman soldier’s feathered metal helmet. The wardrobe change …

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Student Groups Aim to Tap Interest in Politics

by Eric Hoover The Chronicle of Higher Education When Seth J. Green arrived in Britain to study in late September 2001, two weeks after the terrorist attacks against the United States, he saw the Union Jack and the American flag flying side by side. That image comforted him and so …

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