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Helene Gayle: A World That Needs CARE

President and CEO of CARE, Helene Gayle, discusses Gender Based Violence. By Bonnie Stiernberg. They say money makes the world go ’round, and while we’re all well aware of the power that comes from being a breadwinner, for many women across the globe, earning a living is more than just …

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Dalit Freedom Network: An Organization Worth Talking About

Throughout the world there are numerous organizations working to meet social needs and fight injustice. One organization that is successfully fighting oppression while providing people with the tools for internal empowerment is called the Dalit Freedom Network (DFN). This organization works on two fronts, providing pressure for human rights both …

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Global Zero Summer Institute Here in D.C. Starting This Week!

Are you interested in foreign policy, meeting experts in the field, or preventing a nuclear disaster? On July 20th, 23rd and 25th Global Zero will be hosting a Student Institute at the George Washington University in Washington D.C. Global Zero is an international, non-partisan movement dedicated to achieving the phased …

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Spending on Nuclear Weapons? Wasteful and Dangerous – Maine Speaker Tour with Retired Colonel & Physician Leader

Nuclear arms experts Col. Richard Klass (USAF, ret.) and Dr. Ira Helfand, MD will be in Maine to discuss why the $50 billion spent annually on nuclear weapons is wasteful and does not make our country more secure from terrorists or rogue nations. Klass and Helfand are key parts of …

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On The Road Again…For A World Free of Nuclear Weapons: 5-K Peace Walk and Rally

On Saturday, April 30, the Utah Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (UCAN) has planned a peaceful walk and rally to commemorate the successful defeat 30 years ago of the MX Mobile Missile Project slated for the Great Basin and to lend support for ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban …

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