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Race and Ethnicity

The Women’s March: What were you marching for?

Women's March

A couple weeks ago over 3 million people worldwide marched for justice, the rights of the marginalized, a better future and for what makes America beautiful in the Women’s March. Three AMPster’s share their own experiences. Nicki participated in the “Disability March,” an amazing and inclusive alternative for people who were not able …

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What is Intersectionality?

Intersectional is a word that’s been thrown around the internet a lot lately. It’s one of those buzzwords that is maybe a little confusing and fancy, but can be really useful in (and necessary to) activist work. Let’s discuss! Intersectionality is acknowledging that oppressive institutions, like racism, xenophobia, homophobia or …

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The Tragic Lives of Syrian Armenians

By Ani Hakobyan. In the age of social media, the tragic events taking place in Syria have unfolded before the world’s eyes. People know all about innocent children caught in the conflict, extremist rebels taking hold of cities, and the condemnation that Bashar al-Assad’s government has received from most nations. …

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