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Africa’s Facing the World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis And You Probably Didn’t Know

humanitarian crisis, hunger

Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and northeast Nigeria are currently facing what United Nations calls the ‘World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis’ since its formation in 1945. With more than 20 million people on the brink of starvation, out of which 1.4 million are children, Africa is battling with one of the most …

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What it means to defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

On  January 27, Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the March for Life.  March for life is a pro-life march that took place a week after the Women’s March. Pence was the first Vice President to ever attend the march, showing the importance of the march to the current administration. Pence said, …

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The Greatest and Most Urgent Risk to Mankind

On September 24th, the United Nations General Assembly announced its commitment to a strategy to fight antimicrobial resistance as well as promote the development of new antibiotic medicines. Though fighting antimicrobial resistance may not sound as urgent as other issues the World Health Organization is fighting, it has been recognized …

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A Deeper Look at Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Haiti simply does not get a break. From the 2010 earthquake to Hurricane Matthew, Haiti has suffered incredible loss. Matthew has brought on flooding and destruction to over one million Haitians, approximately a third of which who need humanitarian aid. But this number just seems to keep rising. Now, the …

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Global Leader Training

Calling all young global leaders! Join us for Global Leader! Spring 2016. Online. Global Leader is an online social change training for youth who are eager to expand their skills as young global leaders and changemakers. Today’s young global leaders must be confident in their ability to envision change, and …

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Get Skills

Eager to change the world? Check! Need a little help getting started? Double check! Don’t worry – we’re here to help. Over the years the AMP / AIDemocracy community has done, seen, tried, learned, been, succeeded in pulling off great campus events, running campaigns, getting published, meeting with decision makers …

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Hoping to gain experience living in another culture, learning another language, or expanding your skillset? We’re sharing ways to get started, from volunteer opportunities, to study abroad programs, to jobs and internships. Follow us on Twitter for a constant stream of opportunities you should know about, and check out our …

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