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Want to Fight for Immigrants? Here’s Why and How


Garcia, a mother in Phoenix, is on her way to work at the amusement park, distracted with worry about her son’s cold. She punches in, walks toward her station, waving at her friend, but someone grabs her arm. She turns to see a pair of Border Patrol agents and her …

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The Women’s March: What were you marching for?

Women's March

A couple weeks ago over 3 million people worldwide marched for justice, the rights of the marginalized, a better future and for what makes America beautiful in the Women’s March. Three AMPster’s share their own experiences. Nicki participated in the “Disability March,” an amazing and inclusive alternative for people who were not able …

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Why Women are still fighting in 2017?


Women have fought for our rights and equality for quite a long time. But, why have we spent all this time fighting and still haven’t achieved what we dedicated our lives, souls, time, and efforts for? Why do we still have problems like unequal pay, sexual harassment, domestic violence, not having control …

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What It Means to Be a Global Citizen

Our world seem simultaneously big and small.  As global citizens we give both perspectives equal significance. Think about your room.  Then your house, or apartment, or building complex.  Then your street.  Then your neighborhood.  Then your city.  Your county.  Your state.  Your country.  Your continent.  Our planet.  Being a global …

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What Can Youth Do About Global Issues? A few ideas to get you started…

Adriel, Mona, and Cecilia break down how youth can impact and contribute to their local and global communities! This infographic is part of AMP’s “Story of Us” storytelling series focusing on the importance of youth in our globalized world.

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