Happy World Food Day?

By Idil Ozer.

World Food Day; just a specific day that is dedicated in the majestic glory of food, our therapist, a way of celebrating life and everything good in this world… Including escargos, even they feel buttery and holy when cooked right.

Food Day will probably brought to the attention of public by a hashtag on Facebook’s side bar and Instagram feeds will look like an overly filtered Martha Stewart cookbook. Many chain restaurants and consumer good brands will exploit the notion to make free advertisement out it. Essentially in the midst of all the hype, true meaning of World Food Day will slowly fade.

What is the true meaning? I’m glad you asked.

World Food Day is a day dedicated to taking action against world hunger. Every year since 1945, people in the United States and Canada celebrate the creation of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations by organizing grassroots events.

From a North American standpoint, this issue might seem like more of a primitive problem since with various scientific findings, ending world hunger does not strike the attention as a complex problem. However, according to FAO, one in nine people live with chronic hunger and UN ECOSOC claims 60% of that population is made up by women.

No doubt, this epidemical problem does not only affect adults. In fact, there are more hungry children than adults. Two in five children in the Global South are malnourished in severe ways that damage their body and brain advancement. Not to mention that nearly five million children under the age of five die of malnutrition-related causes every year.

To make it more real, let’s look at the example of Syra. Yes the Middle Eastern country that is burning down with a huge civil war. It’s said that the start of the unrest came from spray paint in a southwestern city. Little did we know that it actually started with drought in farms, which led to shortage in food and other human essentials. As hunger grew, so did frustration. Well look at that, now the world is battling with a huge immigration issue.

It is easy to look at statistics on Wikipedia, feel bad until you close the tab and order pizza from Dominos for dinner. But please remember: many of those who are hungry are humans just like you and me.

Think of five friends, and acknowledge that statistically, two could be starving to death right now. 

Remember that hunger kills more people every year than Tuberculosis, Malaria and Aids combined.

Think twice before you throw away your Chinese takeout leftovers because you are simply sick of the cuisine.

Know that 1/3 of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year is wasted. That means 1.3 billion tons of lost food.

Still skeptical? Then hear out Michael Kors, a fashion giant who started his charity work with God’s Love We Deliver, an NGO that provides meals for severely ill. “I think the amazing thing about the hunger initiative with the World Food Programme is that everyone has the possibility to pitch in. You don’t have to be wealthy. You don’t have to be a certain age. You don’t have to live in a certain geographical area. Everyone can really contribute,” said Kors during an interview with CNN.

Everyone can really contribute.

You can too. Just look for opportunities to get involved. Or simply share this post on your Facebook and help us raise awareness.

Be a part of the change. End world hunger.




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