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Scaling Your Project Globally

Alas, through my last two posts we have arrived from just an idea into a tangible project, initiative, or organization. After spending time working with your organization and making it the best you can be, you are wondering how you can scale it to become globally recognized. During this stage of process, it’s important to know that you don’t need to scale your project. In fact, if you believe that you want to impact your local community or your project is too specific in focus to be taken out of its surroundings, then that’s totally okay. Stick with what you are doing, because you are still making an impact. And that’s what matters most!

In the chance that you are hoping to expand your project or service out of your community and into society at large, here are 3 useful next steps to take:

  1. Reach out to your friends, peers, and family outside of your local community!

The easiest way to expand your project nationally is to reach out first to people that you know outside of where you live. This way, you can expand your service with the help of people you know. Call them up, explain what your organization seeks to do, and ask them if they’d be interested in joining your cause by creating a chapter in their local area. If they agree, send them all the materials that you used and created for your organization, schedule another call with them to provide them with details of how to go with the process of starting it in their local area, and most importantly, why helping your cause out is important.

  1. Create a tangible chapter programmatic model.

People are more likely to want to share your mission and join your force if you make it easy for them. For this reason, create a simple program that high impact student leaders can apply for to create chapters in their local areas. This can be as simple as having an online form on your website for potential student leaders who may want to start an outreach club in their local area. In addition, the students who create chapters in their regions are students who likely care passionately for your cause. These students can be great assets for you to relay ideas, gauge support, and seek out help when needed in running your organization.

  1. Practice due diligence.

In essence, learn from other successful companies and organizations out there. See what they did to turn their 1 person team into 10,000 people. What qualities did they practice in their leadership, business development, and marketing. How did they raise applicable funds and provide sustainable services to others?

The best lessons you can learn are from those already out in the field. If you recall from post number one, this is exactly why you have a mentor. Use them to your advantage to learn about how to make your organization successful and scale it up. They are an immensely valuable tool to success.

While there are several more things to take into consideration when wanting to expand your organization, these three strategies are essential for taking any major step.

Have any questions about ideating, creating, or sustaining your next social good venture? We’d love to answer your questions. Shoot us a message, email us on AMP Global Youth, or comment below.

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