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Why Socially Illiterate Parents are a Global Issue

Among all kinds of illiteracy, illiteracy of the main principles and values of our community is the most dangerous one. Social illiteracy imperils humanity and affects our world. Illiteracy has taken only one form for a very long time in terms of reading and writing, but nowadays, this term needs to be redefined. While the number of parents with a bachelor’s degree and resources is increasing, we still have children with distorted views of others’ principles, beliefs and culture. Acceptance of and respect for difference in each other brings peace not only to our community, but to the world. Therefore, any future parents should be aware of what it means to bring a new member into the community and be given the know-how to best shape the mind of their beautiful little creature.

Parents are the first school the children get into, if this school is not ready and well prepared to welcome them into their new world, we all lose. The arrangements that any parents-to-be make before having their new family member should not be only physical. A child with a sound mind who does not have any social issues is an indispensable actor and plays a crucial role in society.

For countries to make sure that couples are ready to have the most important job throughout their entire life and to welcome their new family member, the government should provide them with all the tools and knowledge necessary for their education for them not to be a disappointment to their children and the world. With the right resources, parents can raise great and accepting children, a huge success that impacts us all.


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