Sound Wave: A Conversation with Congressional Staffers

Check out this #Soundwave! 

We are excited to share this career chat with four congressional staffers who share tips for launching your career in Washington. Learn what their favorite and least favorite parts of their jobs are, whether your advocacy efforts are really making a difference, and more! 

Christopher Harvey, Legislative Assistant, Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher (TX-07)
Clement Abonyi, Member Services Coordinator, House Financial Services Committee
Marcus Sawyers, Special Assistant, Congressman John Lewis (GA-05)
Taylor Ware, Congressional Black Caucus Fellow, House Committee on Education and Labor

Scroll down to check out career tips and insider advice, including thoughts on how to launch your career in Washington, what it’s really like working on Capitol Hill, and why there’s still lots of hope for working across the aisle in D.C. 


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