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Start your next travel blog with these 3 simple tips

If you’re about to embark on an exciting study, volunteer or work abroad program, you may be considering starting a travel blog. Travel blogs can be a lot of work but they give you a chance to share your adventures with family and friends in creative ways. With all the content out there on the internet, it can be intimidating to even start a blog. But with the tips below, you’ll be ready in no time!

1. Decide on what content you want to share

Do you prefer to take photos or write in your journal in your free time? Are you a visual person or a natural writer or a little of both? Keeping a travel blog up can be laborious at times so it’s important to be honest with yourself about your strengths. When I first moved to Ecuador to teach English, I decided to start a photo blog. I take photos in my free time and knew it would be more realistic for me to update a photo blog than a written blog. While I took breaks in between posts, my blog motivated me to document and reflect on my experiences through photography.

2. Choose your platform

There is an endless array of blog platforms to choose from. The problem is finding the best one for you. Here’s where knowing your blog’s content type helps. Certain platforms cater toward written blogs. Others are best for displaying photos. Many accommodate both. Do your research and test some out. WordPress provides many free or low cost options to display your content, whether it’s photos, essays, videos or artwork. You can also check out other platforms like Exposure, Tumblr and Medium. I chose Exposure as my photo blog platform because of its clean and user-friendly layout. Decide what features are important to you and experiment!

3. Get started!

When I first started my blog, I was so nervous what viewers would think. I overanalyzed every aspect and as a result, the content in my posts came off as stiff and formal. Eventually, I became more comfortable as a blogger and my posts became more genuine and easier to write. If I couldn’t find the right words or photos, I just imagined what I would say or show to a close friend about my recent experiences. There are so many ways to express yourself through blogging. What matters is having fun and staying true to yourself!

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