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Keeping War or Keeping Peace?

Acknowledgement: While much of this analysis is my own, I got many of the ideas from Shannon Beebe & Mary Kaldor’s fantastic book, The Ultimate Weapon is No Weapon, along with other human security and critical security literature. The withdrawal from Afghanistan after a decade of war provides us a …

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War against Iran: an ambitious attempt

According to Lt. Gen. Ronald Burgess, Iran has the missile capability to reach Eastern Europe and the entire Middle East. Though the US is militarily the most powerful country in the world, Iran is capable of significant retribution for any U.S. or Western attacks. Iran can significantly damage US interests …

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The US withdrawal from Afghanistan: bad news for aid agencies

According to announcements in November of 2011, the US will withdraw 30,000 troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2013. Other NATO countries will withdraw 10,000 altogether. However, negative effects of this withdrawal are already felt in multiple areas, aid being one of them. Whether the Afghani government is able …

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Too early for Taliban negotiations?

“Our jihad has two targets. One is America and the other is the Foreign Ministry of the Taliban.” In his statement before the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden exemplified the incongruity between Taliban members who once harbored bin Laden and members of their Foreign Ministry, the branch which with the …

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“Come on people this is a war”

Conservative blogger, Pamela Geller, and Dana LoEsch, a CNN contributor and conservative radio host, have made the news with their appreciation of the desecration of the corpses of the Taliban soldiers by the US soldiers. Their actions are examples not only of cultural bigotry, but also of how little these …

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