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The Greatest and Most Urgent Risk to Mankind

On September 24th, the United Nations General Assembly announced its commitment to a strategy to fight antimicrobial resistance as well as promote the development of new antibiotic medicines. Though fighting antimicrobial resistance may not sound as urgent as other issues the World Health Organization is fighting, it has been recognized …

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4 Diseases That You May Have Thought Were Gone

In the United States, we enjoy relatively good health. Medical breakthroughs and our public health infrastructure have discovered treatments for or have controlled, diseases and conditions that have plagued humanity. However, despite all of the work done by the world medical community, there are diseases that you may have thought …

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Progress for HIV/AIDS

“She’s one of our up-and-coming stars” Dr. Karim announced regarding Penny L Moore. No, he was not talking about an X-Factor hopeful or a budding Olympian, he was talking about a local researcher for the National Health Laboratory Service. Penny L Moore along with others in South Africa, have made …

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