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Local Food, Local Poverty

Local Food

A few blocks away from my house, there’s a weekly farmer’s market.  It’s lively and festive, with local agriculture, gluten-free baked goods, and live music and art.  It’s a wonderful set-up, aimed at making local food more accessible to those who live downtown.  This farmer’s market succeeds in every way …

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The Issue: Food Waste

Although the United Nations (UN) estimates that one in nine people in the world do not have sufficient food access, about 1/3 of all food produced is lost or wasted.[1][2] In the U.S., a 15% reduction in food waste could feed 25 million Americans.[3] Globally, if even just ¼ of …

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4 Reasons to Buy Local

Whenever possible, we here at AMP encourage you to buy your food locally! “What are the benefits to buying local,” you ask? Here are our top four reasons:   It’s better for you Local produce does not need to travel as far to the market (or to you), so it …

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Farmer Foodshare

by Dara Albrecht  Dara Albrecht, one of our AMP volunteers, shares her role within a nonprofit that works to provide business to local farmers and food security for the community.  “My strongest experience with food security in my community is through a program called Farmer Foodshare: a nonprofit in North Carolina …

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Promoting Food Justice in Your Community

**This fall, AMP is rolling out an exciting new campaign on food justice! Bring the campaign to your community with some of the following events, and stay tuned for more updates.** Community events are a great way to engage those around you in an exciting and informative way. Take the …

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Individual Acts for Food Justice

**This fall, AMP is rolling out an exciting new campaign on food justice! Start participating today through these personal actions to promote sustainability in your food system and the environment, and stay tuned for more updates.** Here is our list of small steps that you can take to become a …

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The Beauty of Farmers’ Markets

By Maia Scott  Maia Scott, one of our AMP volunteers, reflects on her experiences with local farmer’s markets.  “When people think about buying food, the first place that usually comes to mind is the local grocery store. While grocery stores are great, and extremely convenient, I believe that farmers’ markets …

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