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The Top 5 Problems with the Global Food System

The global food system can be defined as the “production, processing, and distribution of food throughout the world.”[1] Food security for an individual within this global food system is characterized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as having the following four dimensions: availability of food, …

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A Healthy Relationship with Food

Our health and the well-being of planet Earth are closely connected. Every individual, without exception, regardless of personal circumstance, depends on the land’s resources for food. Since I can remember, my family has experimented with food to create a healthier diet. I have memories of trying new recipes to somehow …

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Deserted: How American Food Deserts Entrap the Poor in a Cycle of Unhealthy Eating

By Jesse DeLauder Over 13 million Americans live in deserts — food deserts, that is. Food deserts occur in communities with limited access to affordable fresh and healthy food options. With the passing of World Food Day on October 16th, I think it’s worth discussing what exactly causes these deserted …

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Reality Bites: The Disaster on Your Plate

Reality Bites: The Disaster on Your Plate Farm Subsidies as Corporate Welfare, the Irony of Deregulation, and the Link Between Your Dish and Disaster By Evin Maria Ximena Phoenix A random Facebook post led me down the dark and twisted rabbit hole of this question: What is Agent Orange? Roughly …

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