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Promoting Food Justice in Your Community

**This fall, AMP is rolling out an exciting new campaign on food justice! Bring the campaign to your community with some of the following events, and stay tuned for more updates.** Community events are a great way to engage those around you in an exciting and informative way. Take the …

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Individual Acts for Food Justice

**This fall, AMP is rolling out an exciting new campaign on food justice! Start participating today through these personal actions to promote sustainability in your food system and the environment, and stay tuned for more updates.** Here is our list of small steps that you can take to become a …

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Planting for a Sustainable Future

By Irazu Hernandez Irazu Hernandez, one of our AMP volunteers, discusses how she and her family contribute to a more sustainable food system: gardening.  “Do you ever wonder where your food comes from? Well, most of the fruits and veggies you eat have to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles …

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Being on the Cityteam for a Day

By Claire Chang Claire Chang, an AMP volunteer, shares a volunteer experience preparing meals with international nonprofit, Cityteam.  “When I first joined a volunteering club at my school, the events I participated in were simple and easy; a quick way for me to earn community service hours while volunteering with …

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The Top 5 Problems with the Global Food System

The global food system can be defined as the “production, processing, and distribution of food throughout the world.”[1] Food security for an individual within this global food system is characterized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as having the following four dimensions: availability of food, …

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