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Your Presidential Candidates on Homeland and National Security

With the presidential election just days away, the last of the undecided voters are in search of any (credible) information to assist them in choosing a candidate to support before heading to the polls.  Since homeland and national security are a growing concern for all citizens and politicians alike, outlining …

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The media and its unfair view

 A few weeks ago, a truly horrific event occurred. A bomb went off in the Norway capital of Oslo. Occurring almost simultaneously, a man in a police uniform randomly went on a shooting spree at a family campground. As a result of all these atrocities, 76 people died. 76 lives …

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Freedom of Religion: Except if you’re a Muslim

Radicalization? Jihad? Shari’a? This is the rhetoric that keeps occurring in the mainstream media. Now being anti-Muslim seems the way to get votes in presidential race since Presidential hopeful Herman Cain said that he would not feel comfortable for a Muslim to serve in his cabinet. Many people actually agree …

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Peter King: The new sheriff in town

Peter King: Our Prison System is radicalized! Most of the Congressional officials that spoke today at the second series of the hearings of US radicalization of Muslim Americans were happy about these hearings. They also made a new word: “prislam.” This word means Muslims that convert in prison that become …

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