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The Issue: Food Waste

Although the United Nations (UN) estimates that one in nine people in the world do not have sufficient food access, about 1/3 of all food produced is lost or wasted.[1][2] In the U.S., a 15% reduction in food waste could feed 25 million Americans.[3] Globally, if even just ¼ of …

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4 Reasons to Buy Local

Whenever possible, we here at AMP encourage you to buy your food locally! “What are the benefits to buying local,” you ask? Here are our top four reasons:   It’s better for you Local produce does not need to travel as far to the market (or to you), so it …

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Individual Acts for Food Justice

**This fall, AMP is rolling out an exciting new campaign on food justice! Start participating today through these personal actions to promote sustainability in your food system and the environment, and stay tuned for more updates.** Here is our list of small steps that you can take to become a …

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Check out some of our reflections and thoughts from past Earth Days, below. “Earth Days” Links 1960s Radicals to Today’s Policy Wonks by Rachel Voss. John Grant Discusses the Benefits to Alternative Fuels by Joel Velarde Solar Energy- Getting it From the Sun: Energy Solutions in Front …

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Giving Youth a Hand to Create a Sustainable World

By Suzanne York, HowMany.org Today’s global youth, of course, will inherit the world. And given the state of this world, it is more important than ever to invest in young adults, and help provide them with opportunities to create a healthy society. One specific project in Ethiopia is providing much …

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