Resources for Your Work on Gun Safety

What a spring for youth activism. The tragedy in Parkland, Florida has once again elevated the issue of gun safety in the US, and inspired millions of students to rise up and speak out about the need for better policies and protections in our schools, community, and nation.

This is a great example of an urgent and timely issue in desperate need of youth engagement. And we’re here to help. This month’s frequency focuses on tips and tools for raising your voice. Read on!

Resource: 8 Tips for Taking Action. This is a quick overview of steps to take when planning an action or campaign.






Student activists Cathy Sun talks about how she planned her school walkout.








Resources: Signs to print and use in your work. We made all of these in Canva, an online tool that makes graphic design easy and fun. Visuals: signs, banners, graphics, infographics, etc. can make a huge impact on your work. They’re great for media and social media work too!

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