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“Who Will Keep The Dream Alive Now” [Poem]


Complacent in our stations of hatred, feel like I’m facing this nation alone
Pacing through this matrix the moans, and the screams it seems
we can never rise up, getting tied up since before the screens on the tv,
the screens now is in our minds
cant see past our own two eyes, oh wait
seems like I can’t see past mine, hypocrite, write about my people’s failures to past the time
project fishes of knowledge in this pool of life, cast the line

Our government killed MLK , to stop the rise of a black messiah
a covenant put in place, to inhibit love from rising higher
they destroyed a pillar of fire, Assassinated the sire
Procrastinated bout equal rights in this nation, situation is dire

Who will keep the dream alive now?
They must of thought
But a bullet in his head wasn’t a bullet in the heart of the movement,
you choose it, whether you love or you hate, don’t care if you straight or you gay, whats that matter anyway?

Who will keep the dream alive now? They must have chuckled in undertones:
“We killed the king the voice of the people Now they sheeple with no shepherd to guide them to the cathedral”
Little did they know, the cathedral aint got no steeple
My church is me and my people, and best believe that we all equal
My body is my temple,
never complex its simple, kneading the thread through the thimble;
til the revolution is sewn within you

Who will keep the dream alive now? of black boys and white girls holding hands.
and equally distributed bands, but bands mean less than ya mans
love means more than money, a kind word is sweeter than honey
Only love can drive out hate, so to me racism is funny

Who will keep the dream alive now? Who will ring the freedom bell?
From Mississippi to hell
from my cells to the jail cell
get off of your handheld
maybe have your hand held
hold on to this hand-rail as we walk up this man trail
and if a mitochondria make energy
and we got 100 billion
then lets put all our synergy into freeing God’s children

Who will keep the dream alive now? I know Martin Luther is in heaven smiling
Progress is being made my people stopping the wilding
as dragons are being slain
We’re untouched by their flame
waking up to their evil ways ahead I see better days
I see us rising towards the sun as it beams down on our melanin
i been to the depths and back and I ain’t going back to hell again
Bringing heaven down to earth until the angels are more than telamons
holding up this corrupted regimen
prayer and poetry is our medicine
water to heal souls and fill holes big enough to have been left by an elephant

So who will keep the dream alive now? As long as my soul is in my body still,
uplift love and spread knowledge I will.
I had a dream that Martin’s dream was fulfilled,
So i’ll continue to sew good seeds in this field until my people’s flower of life sprouts and we’re healed.
and thats for real.


-Matthew “Matityahu” Dilworth- “Who Will Keep The Dream Alive Now?”


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