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How Youth Can Be Change Makers

Young people are not only the leaders of tomorrow, they are also the change makers of today. They are contributing to changing the world around them in every way possible, because to be a change maker you don’t have to wait to be an adult. You can start right now and be an active member in your community.

Each one can bring change –globally or locally-in a different way with different tools. If you have the opportunity, do it. You can start with simple footsteps, for example: through social media; Writing online/blogging about a certain cause and voicing your thoughts.  Your opinions matter and should be heard, you never know who might be reading, maybe you can inspire someone to join you, there are many inspiring like-minded youth in the world who are willing to take action.

If writing is not your thing, then you can reach out to millions of people using hashtags, they can trend globally in a short time and raise a massive awareness about any topic, such as #LetGirlsLearn or #BlackLivesMatter.

Another way is volunteering, whether in a hospital, a community center or even teaching English to kids in a developing country for a few months. A simple tip here: It is better to learn about your local issues first (it can be water pollution, girls schooling etc.). Knowing what the issue is will help you find solutions, and your volunteer experience would be more goal-focused. Volunteering abroad can be a great opportunity that will look good on your CV, but to start, focus on the local.

The other way to create change is to join/create an organization or a club in your school/university. These can be the best places to meet people with the same interests and take direct action through launching campaigns, hosting youth summits, and other tactics. Plus you also get to shape your skills and spread your knowledge .

And finally, believe in yourself, follow your heart, be passionate, and stand up for your beliefs.

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