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Amplifier Trainings | Virtual | Spring 2018!

This spring we’re offering Amplifiers (our free virtual trainings) on Diversity and Inclusion, Media Literacy, Complex Problem-Solving, and Career Mapping for high school students!
Are you a teacher who thinks your students could benefit? Are you a young changemaker who wants to lead social change in your community? Join us for our Amplifier trainings, exclusively designed for the virtual space and for global youth wanting to learn about global citizenship and leadership – and how to lead change in our local and global community.
All of our Amplifiers are curated from our Global Scholar curriculum and remain highly interactive and participatory. Below is some information about the dates, times, and content of the four modules (it is not compulsory to attend all four modules although it is strongly encouraged for a maximized learning experience):
Diversity and Inclusion – March 11 2018, 5pm EST
‘Diversity and Inclusion’ is for changemakers wanting to understand the types and levels of oppression faced by different identity groups as a way of working to transform our communities into more equitable and inclusive spaces.
Media Literacy – (date to be confirmed)
‘Media Literacy’ is born out of a world saturated with news content, in which there has never been a more vital time to be able to think critically about what we read and watch. Students will leave this training with a heightened awareness for asking the right questions about the content they consume for a less biased, more informed global citizen. 
Complex Problem-Solving – April 1 2018, 5pm EST
‘Complex Problem-Solving’ is for changemakers curious about investigating the root causes of our 21st century challenges for a higher and deeper social impact. Students will learn how to think about problems systemically using the emerging field of systems thinking for social change. This participatory learning experience will help students understand the complexity of systems at the local and global level. 
Career Mapping – April 15 2018, 5pm EST 
‘Career Mapping’ helps students leverage their understanding of the world in order to find their changemaking place within it. Bringing together all the content of this virtual series, students will leave with a better understanding of their skillset, the issue/field they want to work in, and how to carve out a career with a strategic plan for achieving it.

– Each session is 75 minutes and participants are advised to sign in 5-10 minutes beforehand in case of technical difficulties. No previous knowledge or experience of the subject matter is necessary: all levels are welcome as everyone has something to learn and something to offer. Sending organizations (schools and teachers) and participants should register in the form below or by get in touch with Vanessa at vanessaf@aidemocracy.org for any additional questions you may have.

If you would like to take your online learning offline and in person,  check out our Global Scholar page and see how you can attend our two weeks intensive leadership accelerator in international affairs and social justice – based in Washington DC!
Due to our commitment to small classroom size both on and off-line, we only have 20 places available for this webinar meaning that places are limited so reserve your spot as soon as you can!